Homemade food and products at our restaurant

We would like to tell you more about the food and homemade products we use in our restaurant every day at Hotel I Ginepri. In this post we talked already about the restaurant of our hotel, that is opened both to hotel’s guests and other customers and offer a contemporary Tuscan cuisine.

In our menu you find seasonal food, local-grown products, prepared according the traditional Tuscan cuisine and spiced up with innovation. Here below we tell you more about some of our homemade products, prepared thanks to passion and competence of our kitchen staff.



All bread and typical schiacciata are made locally. We strongly recommend you taste our bread seasoned with black olives purée, that we serve hot. It’s super delicious!

Extra virgin olive oil

In our restaurant we use only the extra virgin olive oil we produce in our family-run farm. The little olive grove is located in Segalari, not too far from our hotel; we sell our evoo directly, and we also organize tasting experiences for you.

In the family-run farm Paola Cardellini we also produce a delicious olives purée, that is delicate and smells of ripe olives. This is the main ingredient of our special olive bread.

bottiglie olio verdura


Tagliolini, stracci, lasagnette, gnocchi, ravioli, tortelli, cannelloni and crêpes are just some of the homemade pasta that our chef Marco Paperini makes every day in the kitchen. Every year our kitchen staff prepares kilometers of fresh pasta, that are always paired with great sauces.

menu alla carta

Ice creams

Ice creams and sorbets are made by our talented gelato master Massimo. You find them both at our bar and restaurant in a large variety of flavors that go from classic cream flavor to more creative ones. Our favorite ice cream is the “Ginepri, a flavor invented by Massimo prepared with chocolate variegated with raspberry and orange, and decorated with white chocolate.


Our desserts are made by the pastry chef Lorenzo, who prepares delicious cakes you won’t resist! Among our homemade dessertspoon the semifreddo with pine nuts and hot chocolate sauce is a must-eat in every season. Among the gluten-free desserts we suggest the Sicilian cassatina made with pistachios from Bronte. In our dessert menu you find both traditional cakes and seasonal delicacies made with fresh fruits from the season. Last but not least the Tuscan cantuccini and Vinsanto, that we prepare also using pistachios and chocolate drops.

Speisen à la carte - Menu alla carta - Hotel I Ginepri


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we think it should be a real cuddle for our guests. Most of the pastries and cakes you find on the buffet are homemade by our chef Paola, who loves preparing pies, plum-cakes, many type of biscuits.

In the morning you find also fresh fruits and smoothies, jams to pair with our bread or yogurt, and pancakes. If you like a salty breakfast there are ham, cheese and eggs. From June to September you can have breakfast outside on our terrace by looking at the sea.