The Nature Parks in the Etruscan Coast and Tuscan surroundings

We can repeat it over and over: the Etruscan Coast is rich in food, wine, culture and attractions suitable for everyone! If you love biking read the recommended bike tours in Castagneto and surroundings, if you love charming towns read the tips for visiting offbeat hamlets in Tuscany and the culture itinerary in the Etruscan Coast to visit museums and archaeological sites.In addition to all these attractions you are surrounded by Nature: 20% of the region is covered with natural parks and protected areas that count large pine woods, colorful fields and centuries-old forests.

WWF Protected Area in Bolgheri

The WWF Protected area in Bolgheri is also known as Rifugio Faunistico Padule di Bolgheri “Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta”, it’s located in the municipality of Castagneto Carducci, not too far from Hotel i Ginepri. The Natural reserve is about 500 hectares covered with wood, pine wood and wet meadows; the area welcomes every year the white storks during reproduction, that came back to Maremma after 200 years.

The WWF Protected Area is open upon reservation from November to April.

Address: SP 39 (Vecchia Aurelia), km 269,400 – 57022 Castagneto Carducci (LI)

Phoe: +39 334 7584832


Magona Nature Park

The Protected Area of Magona is a large area covered with wood and mediterranean scrub in Bibbona. It includes the State Nature Reserve Bibbona and stretches for about 1.600 hectares.The park is open all year and it is a good place for long walks, biking and horseback riding. Along the trail you may spot dears, hares, squirrels, many migrating birds, wild boars and mouflons.

Address: Piazza Cristoforo Colombo, 1 – 57020 Bibbona (LI)

Phone: +39 0586 672111


Parco Provinciale Monti Livornesi

This Natural Reserve, literally “Province Park of the Mounts in Livorno”, stretches between the municipalities of Livorno, Collesalvetti and Rosignano Marittimo for about 1.300 hectares.

The Park includes mineral resources, forests and many trails surrounded by the mediterranean scrub. You may go hiking, bike and horseback riding in this large nature reserve.

Address: Piazza Civica, 4 – 57100 Livorno (LI)

Phone: +39 0586 257111

Rimigliano Park

The Nature park of Rimigliano is a protected area of about 120 hectares. It is located on the beach between San Vincenzo and Baratti Gulf, and it is included in the Val di Cornia museums and parks system.The park runs along the Strada Provinciale la Principessa and it is connected to San Vincenzo also by a bike trail. You enter the park by accessing through one of main entrances along the way.

Address: Strada Provinciale della Principessa, 57027 San Vincenzo LI

Phone: +39 0565 226445


Orti-Bottagone Protected Area

The Riserva Naturale Oasi WWF Padule Orti-Bottagone is located near Piombino, in the northern area of the gulf of Follonica. The protected area includes one brackish marsh, the Orti part, and one freshwater marsh, the Bottagone part.This natural reserve is the perfect habitat for many different species of birds and it is included in the Italian list of WWF protected sites.

Address: Torre del Sale al Km. 6,7 della S.P. 40 “Base Geodetica” Piombino – Riotorto – 57025 Piombino (LI)

Phone: +39 334 7584832



Sterpaia Park

The Park of Sterpaia is a large protected area on the coast; it’s about 300 hectares and 10 kilometers long that includes both woods and dunes. It’s famous for the large and peaceful beaches, as well as the monumental trees. Since 2008 the Sterpaia Park has been awarded with the Blue Flag, indicating it is a clean and sustainable beach area.

Phone: +39 0565 226445

Park of Poggio Neri

The Poggio Neri Park is located in Sassetta and it is a wood of about 700 hectares covered mostly with hollyoaks and chestnut trees. This park is a very good place for hiking: there is also a trail suitable for people with motor disabilities that counts a beautiful panoramic point and a stop at the old mine of red marble in Sassetta. The park hosts the Museo del Bosco.

Address: Comune di Sassetta, Via Roma n. 15 Sassetta (LI)

Phone: +39 0565 794223

Park of Montioni

The Montioni Park is a protected area in between the municipalities of Massa Marittima, Follonica, Suvereto, Piombino and Campiglia Marittima. The park is about 7.000 hectares covered with woods of hollyoaks; there are dedicated trails for biking, horseback riding and hiking, as well as area for bird watching. Not to be missed the ruins of Roman and Etruscan villages dating back to 10-11th centuries.


Phone: +39 0565 226445


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