The family-run of Paola Cardellini

Hi there, my name is Paola Cardellini and today I would like to introduce you our family-run farm, or azienda agricola as we say in Italian language. It’s just a very small estate, but I’m strongly related to this farming land in Località Segalari, because it was my father who used to take care of it. When he passed away other family members took care of the business.

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I’d like to show you this farm, so please follow me on the western side of the Segalari hill, where you see the castle owned by Counts Della Gherardesca, a noble family who owned and ruled over this area for several centuries – I’m sure this family knew how peaceful this land was. The Segalari Castle is now a luxury accommodation, while its surroundings are much appreciated to experience Nature and outdoor activities like biking.

Our family-run farm produces only extra virgin olive oil, the same evoo that we use in our restaurant at Hotel I Ginepri. We are glad that our customers like it so much that they often buy a few bottles to bring home, as a souvenir of their holidays in Tuscany. I love to go to Segalari, because I can feel my family’s passion for this land, and the view from there is breathtaking: from the olive grove you see the blue sea on the horizon, that I believe it is the secret ingredient making our extra virgin olive oil so good.


In our farm our olive trees grow healthy and strong thanks to the natural environment, the biological characteristics of the soil and the mild climate; all these factors, together with the attention we put in harvesting and pressing make our extra virgin olive oil excellent. Every year we produce small quantities of evoo obtained from typical Tuscan cultivar (type of plant) that are:

  • Il Leccino: extra virgin olive oil monocultivar obtained from leccino variety
  • Il Frantoio: extra virgin olive oil monocultivar obtained from frantoio variety
  • Il Pendolino: extra virgin olive oil monocultivar obtained from pendolino variety
  • Il Moraiolo: extra virgin olive oil monocultivar obtained from moraiolo variety
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil I.G.P. (Indicazione Geografica Protetta)

Our farm also produces a very special Passata di Olive, i.e. an olive purée, that has a delicate taste and the intense smells of Tuscan ripe olives.

If you would like to visit our family-run farm, we would be glad to organize a tasting experience with light lunch for small groups.