Spaces and kitchen


Directly facing the sea and the garden, our restaurants’ dining room is spacious and full of light. Its large windows allow for the enjoyment of the surrounding environment and its colors, from the blue of the sea to the green of the Mediterranean plants.
The contemporary furnishings are both refined and elegant which make the space a suitable setting for beach weddings and banquets.
There is a movable wall system in place that allows flexibility to modulate the main room in function of the specific needs of various types of events.
Those who seek a more intimate and private space may choose the internal room. It’s sober and elegant, its cozy and reserved atmosphere allow you to try and get to know the plates a la carte.


Tuscany, land of strong and sharp flavors, has always been appreciated for its cuisine made of simple, tasty and genuine dishes, impressed in our memory. Who doesn’t know or have never heard of dishes like Fiorentina, Cacciucco, Pappa al Pomodoro, just to name a few. For this reason, we don’t leave out the Traditional Tuscan Cuisine, instead we maintain and interpret it in a new lighter and innovative look not lacking for this of originality and taste, ready to confront the current food trends. The products that we use are mostly of local origin, especially the extra virgin olive oil comes from a family company situated on the hill of Segalari. Fruit, vegetables, wine, fish are always selected by us from trusted suppliers.


Our bar and ice cream shop are waiting for you on our terrace overlooking the promenade. It’s the perfect place to taste our homemade ice cream, to drink an espresso or enjoy a fresh cocktail. The bar is open daily from 7.30 a.m. to midnight. The room service is also available on request.


The Garden Snack Bar is under the trees and at the same time in front of the beach. Here you can take a rest by the sun tasting a fresh drink or a delicious cocktail. It’s open daily, from June to September, and at lunch time it offers a selection of dishes: salads, appetizers, first courses, sandwiches or just a fresh fruit soup. The atmosphere is always relaxed and informal. Lunches at our Snack bar are extra charges.