Meet Tuscany winemakers at Hotel i Ginepri: special tasting dinners in Summer


Every year the restaurant at Hotel i Ginepri organizes special wine and food tastings dinners from July to the end of August. The tasting dinners are organized on the hotel’s terrace that overlooks the sea, that is just the perfect location for a delicious dinner with great wines under the Tuscan stars.

Every dinner is going to be different, presenting every time a different gourmet menu paired with local wines; generally the menu includes fresh seafood and fish and 4 ro 5 wines coming from the wineries in Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci.

As a matter of fact the wine tastings are organized in collaboration with the local wineries and the winemakers, who will be there in person to introduce their wineries nad stories, the peculiarities of their wines and what are the best food to pair with them. During the dinner there will be also expert sommeliers to help you discover all the secret flavors of Tuscany wines.

The dinners are served in a romantic atmosphere with candles and stars usually on Fridays; the wine tastings start with the most simple wine to end with the top wine, that is generally the most complex to taste and that is paired with cheese. The gourmet menu includes also a second dish grilled right in front of you.



Last but not least during every dinner Hotel i Ginepri organizes a lottery: the drawn winner will receive either wine bottles, wine tastings in the wineries, local souvenirs and other great prizes that we are not going to reveal now.

The 2019 dinners under the Tuscan stars at Hotel i Ginepri will be every Friday in July and August. Soon the program 2019!