Wine and territory

The Etruscan Coast Wine and olive  Oil road  covers a country  that extends from  hills to the sea and includes several wine regions.
Starting from the north we find the Terratico Bibbona, the DOC Montescudaio, the DOC Bolgheri, Val di Cornia and the Island of Elba.

The DOC Bolgheri is represented by  Sassicaia considered  one of the best wines in the world  that becoming the symbol of all the Tuscan coast wines.

Since some years many winemakers,following  the  footsteps  of  Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta ,have succeeded in producing wines  renowned for their quality and originality.
Most of the famous Bolgheri’s wineries  are located along the Bolgherese road : we  strongly recommend an excursion not only to visit the wineries,  but also to enjoy the beautiful landscape in the background

Below we suggest some  of the wineries that you can visit

Tenuta Argentiera


Michele Satta

Enrico Santini

Giorgio Meletti Cavallari


Tenuta San Guido

Guado al Tasso