The parks of val di Cornia

The Parks of Val di Cornia

The Val di Cornia lies  at the extreme south of the province of  Livorno  and covers  both the coastal areas  immediatly  facing the  Elba Island and hilly territories in the municipality of Suvereto,Piombino,San vincenzo ,Campiglia Marittima and Sassetta.
Besides the  importance of the  naturalistc aspect,  the visit to the  Parks of Val di Cornia  represent a way  to go  back  from  the time of Etruscans  people to the present day : mediterranean  landscapes and  ancient history combine in  the six Parks  that, including also the Archeological Park of  Baratti and Populonia,  are considered a unique reality in Italy.

Parco Archeologico di Baratti e Populonia

Parco di Rimigliano

Parco della Sterpaia

Parco Archeominerario di san Silvestro

Parco di Poggio Neri

Parco di Montioni