Baratti and Populonia

If you like to have a break from your seaside holiday  in an half day  exursion you can discover one of the most f interesting archeological sites in our country. Take  the Aurelia  road towards  San Vincenzo  and then procedining along  Via della Principessa  until the junction of Baratti.
Populonia , placed on the  top of the hill overlooking Baratti ,once was  built to defend the territory from foreig attacts ; actually you can visit the acropolis and the  small mediovel village animated by artisanal shops and typical restaurants.
Baratti , besides to preserve the ruines  of the Etruscan civilization, is famous for its  bay  and the  natural harbour that was known  by the time of the Etruscans: this area was used from this ancient population in the processing of iron from Elba Island.
The necropolis of Baratti and its tombs  is one of the most important testimonies of the Etruscan funerary architecture ; inside the tombs many archeological  finds left us informations about the life and culture of these populations
The archaeological site is open from March to October.