Hotel I Ginepri: 62 years of hospitality told you thanks to black and white pictures and vintage postcards

October 1956: Albergo i Ginepri opens

October 2018: I Ginepri changed its name into hotel and blew 62 candles on the birthday cake. At the end of this year we decided to go back in time and show you how we used to be, both as family and as accommodation. We found some old postcards that made us smiling proudly, because we changed a lot, thanks to our dedication.

We aim to share all these pictures with you, because they tell you our story as a family and as a business company. We are thankful to you that stayed at our hotel season after season, and to all the people that supported us all over these years.

When we started, the Albergo I Ginepri looked like a typical Tuscan farmhouse; in the 60s we transformed that old house into a more modern architecture: another floor was added and the rooms doubled, passing from 14 to 28 hotel rooms. The accommodation was turned into Hotel I Ginepri and it was ready to welcome guests from all around the world.

Between the 70s and the 80s new changes took place and the third floor was added to Hotel I Ginepri, adding 15 more rooms. Between the 80s and 90s the hotel slowly changed and another important addition was made: the swimming pool. We created our dreaming pool overlooking the sea and with the jacuzzi corner.

Over the years the swimming pool, the large garden and the terrace overlooking the sea became our most appreciated services that make Hotel I Ginepri unique.

In the new Millennium, we made new changes and other improvements to offer up-to-date accommodation to our guests. In 2004 a long renovation process started; it took 10 years until 2014 to end it: the renovation included the turnover of all rooms on first and second floors and the creation of new spaces for our guests.

Behind the story of Hotel I Ginepri there are the dreams and efforts of two families, the Dughera and Cardellini, who never stop dreaming. Thanks Alessandro, Paola and Francesca….