Hotel I Ginepri is environmentally friendy: 6 actions and goals for the future

Be an environmentally friendly hotel is no longer an option, it’s something required by our guests who care for our planet and environment. This is why we decided to undertake the challenge and go green. Therefore, at Hotel I Ginepri we are an eco-friendly hotel offering a green experience thanks to the following efforts.

We aim to become one of the best eco hotels in Tuscany by minimizing our impact on the natural environment. We know that is going to be a long process, but we’re not scared.

  1. Green energy

At Hotel I Ginepri being eco-friendly is a fundamental value, not something for being popular. That’s the reason a few years ago we chose a green energy company for our hotel, therefore we use only green energy coming from renewable sources. In addition, all our rooms are equipped with a modern system to reduce the consumption of energy: when the keycard is not inserted in your room no lights can be turned on and when the windows are opened the air-conditioning turns off. On the ground floor we installed an automation system for the energy-efficient lighting.

  1. Recycling program

In the last few years we all got used to recycle what we waste. In order to ask our guests to help us to minimize our impact on the environment we put in the common spaces outside several recycling bins. In addition, we are the change we aim to see, and we personally recycle all materials we use like paper and cardboard, glass, plastic and organic waste.

raccolta differenziata

  1. Plastic free

We put many efforts in reducing the use of plastic in our hotel: we serve our ice creams in recycling paper cups with eco-friendly spoons, as well as we use only non-disposal straws and glasses. At the hotel restaurant we use water in glass bottles, at the bar we serve only water bottles that are biodegradable.

spiaggia marina di castagneto

  1. Seasonal and local-grown food

In our kitchen we put the same efforts to minimize our impact on the natural environment. We do this by using seasonal and local-grown food, contributing to reduce carbon emissions related to transports. In our menu we also added a few vegetarian and vegan dishes, that are more sustainable. Last but not least, for breakfast we serve fresh homemade food, in order to reduce the waste.


  1. Green areas

We all know that plants are extremely important to reduce the pollutants and CO2 emissions: every day we take care of our garden, as a precious jewel because we know it’s important for our planet.

spazi verdi

  1. Going paperless

We aim to be paperless soon: we actively reduced the usage of paper in most of the daily activities of the booking office thanks to technology. We don’t print unnecessary documents and use only recycled paper.

Short-term goals

For the next future we are committed to:
• minimize the usage of paper, plastic and disposal materials

  • use organic and eco-friendly soaps and cleaning products
  • encourage our guests to recycle their waste
  • wash towels and sheet only when necessary


We know that it’s going to be a long process to be 100% eco friendly hotel, but we strongly believe that every one needs to contribute: we have no planet B.