Discover the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany by bike and find out the best bike trails from the Hotel i Ginepri

Bikers love Tuscany and the Etruscan coast, because of their beautiful panoramas and different trails. The rolling roads, the large variety of trails ranging from the woods to the coastline, make the Etruscan Coast just the perfect place for your next cycling holiday in Italy.This Tuscany destination is a real hidden gem in the cycling’s world. At Hotel i Ginepri we love bikers and we are a bike hotel in the Etruscan Coast, meaning that we offer selected services for bikers.For your Italian cycling holiday at Hotel i Ginepri we offer special prices, bikes facilities like bike deposit with locks within the hotel, dedicated maps and information, balanced meals for athletes, as well as the hotel gym and a dedicated laundry service to have your cycling uniforms ready in 24 hours. In addition to all these, you have the hotel’s private beach to relax after your cycling day in Tuscany.Visit the dedicated page to cycling holidays in Tuscany, where you find special rates for single bikers or groups with or without meals. If you have any request don’t hesitate to ask for further details.

Bike trails from Hotel i Ginepri

From Hotel i Ginepri to Etruscan Populonia (about 28 km)

The first itinerary we like to suggest you for your cycling holidays in the Etruscan Coast, reaches Populonia, an authentic gem of the Etruscan area. This little Etruscan village overlooks the stunning Gulf of Baratti, where there is the Archaeological Park of Baratti.From Hotel i Ginepri, located in Marina di Castagneto, you bike to Donoratico by taking the cycling road that passes through the pinewood. In Piazza della Stazione in Donoratico, in front of the train station, there is a public fountain where you can refill your bottle.Now take the State Road SS1 to San Vincenzo: in the city center of San Vincenzo there is the cycling lane, marked by yellow stripes. Follow the cycling lane to Via della Principessa and then La Torraccia, where the cycling lane ends. Bike for other 9 kilometers, following the coastline; the last part of the itinerary is going to be the most difficult and tiring, because of the steep road to reach the hilltop town of Populonia. The stunning panorama is going to be the reasonable reward for your efforts.

From Hotel i Ginepri to the hilltop towns of Castagneto Carducci, Sassetta, Suvereto, and Campiglia Marittima (about 65 km)

The second itinerary we like to suggest you for your cycling holiday in the Etruscan Coast is considered one of the most scenic bike routes in Tuscany and it’s for expert bikers.The first stop-over is Castagneto Carducci, that you reach by taking SP 329, and where you can visit the house and museum of famous Italian poet Giosuè Carducci. After visiting this lovely town follow the same road that now passes through the shady woods and arrives in Sassetta, passing by Ponte d’Oro and the pass of Badia di Valle. We suggest you stop in Sassetta to visit this undiscovered gem of the Etruscan Coast, that hosts famous thermal baths.Now the road goes downhill towards Val di Cornia and arrives to Suvereto, after many curves and just few cars. The road doesn’t cross the town of Suvereto, but you want to stop to visit this medieval town. The road goes on downhill towards Monteverdi – Monterotondo: you cross the bridge over Fosso di Gore and follow the directions to Massa Marittima and Montioni.

Then you pass by the tiny San Lorenzo and not too far from Petra winery. Take SP 21 “Campiglia Marittima – Riotorto” and follow the signs to Campiglia Marittima, that is located on top of the hill right in front of the seaside. On your way back to Hotel i Ginepri take the road downhill to San Vincenzo and read the itinerary above.

From Hotel i Ginepri to Bolgheri (about 36 km)

The third itinerary we like to suggest you for your cycling holiday in the Etruscan Coast is planned in one of the most famous wine region of Tuscany and Italy: the area of Bolgheri, home of the Super Tuscans wines and captured by the verses of Italian poet Giosuè Carducci.From Hotel i Ginepri take the Vecchia Aurelia and reach the crossroad to Bolgheri, that is easy to identify thanks to the Oratory of San Guido. Take the famous Viale dei Cipressi, i.e. the 5 km long long avenue framed by old cypresses that goes to Bolgheri and was described by Carducci in the famous ode Davanti a San Guido – “I cipressi che a Bolgheri alti e schietti van da San Guido in duplice filar”.


We recommend visiting Bolgheri: this charming village is full of wine shops and lovely doors. Take the Viale dei Cipressi back, but when you reach Tenuta San Guido, take left to Via delle Ferruggini and Via Bolgherese by following the directions to Castagneto Carducci.Before you reach the town of Castagneto take Via di Lamentano and the road back to the hotel.